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Premium Flat Velvet Lashes - Untral Soft- Matte - CC Curl

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Ellipse Flat lashes are light, soft and comfortable to wear. They’re a great option for all customers who want a voluminous or dramatic look or simply add length without adding weight to their natural lashes. If you plan to get Flat Eyelash Extensions, we got you covered. Let’s take a look at some benefits of our lashes below.

Ellipse Flat Eyelash Key Features:

  • Matte black, no greenish, no bluish, no glossy
  • Made of high quality and long-lasting Korean PBT fiber
  • Ultra soft, light-weight, natural looking, flat on base
  • Straight tip
  • Better retention making lash stay longer,
  • Split tips for added volume and fuller lash without adding extra weight
  • Knot free, no kink and not sticking to neighboring lashes
  • No glue residue left on the lashes
  • Stable curl: Lashes are durable and hold curl over time
  • Custom curls, thicknesses and lengths

Packaging Key Features:

From day one, we have always promised to be a cruelty-free brand.  Not only did we use vegan lash material, but also, we choose eco-friendly packaging without harmful effects on the environment as much as possible.

  • Eco-friendly paper box
  • Silver foil Backing or Coated Paper Label: easy to remove-
  • Sticky glue tape- easy to make fan on strip (all techniques)
  • Label across the strip

Take a close look at our video for more details.

  • We all know that eyelash extensions are not “one size fits all” concept. Everyone wants to get a fluffy, gorgeous and perfect look but it depends much on our natural eyelashes condition. However, the eyelash industry is constantly progressing and evolving which breaks all the limits making eyelash extension easier for everyone including who has weak natural eyelashes. That’s is why flat lashes come to play. There’re some facts you might not know, then let’s get started.


    So, what are flat lash extensions?

    Flat eyelashes are also called ellipse lashes or cashmere lashes. Basically flat lashes are an extension of classic lashes. They’re exactly the same. They are classic lashes but 40% less weight. The signature difference between them is in their base.

    The flat lash has a cross section whereas classic lash is like a perfect cylinder all the way around. If you look at that cross section, it seems like 40% of it in fact is actually missing, which 40% less material has been used when you are applying flat eyelash extension. However, they offer the same result. While classic lash is close to the natural lash, flat lash is flat till the tip of the extension will bring you a mascara look or a false eyelash look.


    Features of flat lashes

    There are a variety of flat lashes characteristics are designed to meet the demands of practical application as following:

    Increased retention

    The concave surface of flat lash provides a higher bonding area, making lashes last longer compared to the controversial lash since it covers more surface areas of natural eyelashes.

    Darker, more drama and texture

    Another cool thing about cross section is that it achieves a darker result as the flat base looks dark and really hides the light coming in through the base of the lashes. That will also create a fake inner eyeliner effect instantly making your eyes look

    More volume without extra weight

    As flat lashes are actually weight 40% less weight than standard classic lashes, it’s perfect if you want a fuller-looking lashes without adding weight to your natural lashes

    No need for extra adhesive

    Because of the flat base, cashmere lashes tend to adhere better to the natural lashes creating better bonds. There is no need too much glue when using flat lashes as they are perfectly shaped to have more contact with the natural lashes.


    Who can get flat lash?

    The answer is “everyone”. While standard classic lashes can be used by almost everyone especially clients who have strong natural lashes. Individual lashes can be quite heavy depending on their lengths and diameters that you choose to wear. However, if your customers want longer and thicker lashes, definitively split them out to flat lashes because they weigh much less than classic lashes. Flat lash extensions are suitable for customers who have weaker natural lashes but they want something lighter, fuller or more dramatic.


    How are flat lashes applied?

    It is the same as applying the normal classic eyelashes. However, there are subtle differences though. For example, when you apply classic lash, you can apply the lash on the top, the bottom or the sides of the natural lash as it has a round base which makes it easy to apply in any direction. On the other hand, We should only attached flat lash to the top or the bottom of natural lash because the extension is flat, the side won’t adhere very well to the side of the natural lash. If you apply on the side, you will
    not get good retention. Moreover, cashmere flat lashes require a tiny amount of glue, so be careful when you dip lashes into glue. And as a rule of thumb, a set full of flat lashes can be unnatural, it’s better to avoid using full set.


    How are flat lashes last?

    Although Flat lash seems to stay longer but as many eyelash extensions, it will shred off following the natural lashes cycle. It means that when your natural eyelashes fall off, the flat lashes will fall off too. It’s a natural phenomenon. As usual cashmere flat lashes have a life expectancy around 5-6 weeks so you will need to book regular refilled appointment to keep your eyelashes set completed.

    Like any investment, eyelash extensions require maintenance too. The more you take care of your eyelash extension, the longer they stay on you. Avoid rubbing or pulling them and oil-based beauty care products on the lashes. Remember to wash them regularly and brush them too to keep them look clean, nice and prevent us from eye infection.


    To sum up

    Flat lashes are light, soft and comfortable to wear. They’re a great option for all customers who want a voluminous or dramatic look or simply add length without adding weight to their natural lashes. If you plan to get eyelash extensions, find a licensed artist to avoid side effects.

    If you would like to shop flat lashes or any eyelash extensions, go ahead to our website to see more eyelashes and figure out which is the best suit you. Though there are a lot of eyelash suppliers out there, we - Charmlash will not definitely disappoint you.  As one of the most leading eyelash extensions wholesale manufacturers, we offer a wide range of premium eyelashes with customized lashes designs to meet every beauty taste and styles. You can also find eyelashes with different curls and thickness as well as trendy color lashes. Don’t hesitate to get a new impressive look right away. Contact us now.