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Dark Chocolate Lashes 0.1mm

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If you are looking for classic but endlessly beautiful for day-to-day wear, brown lashes are the perfect choice for you. Brown eyelash extensions provide you a natural-looking enhancement. They are not quite as dramatic as black eyelashes. However, it doesn’t make it less hot than the others..In case, you’re looking for the best Brown Eyelash Extensions, we got you covered. Let’s take a look at some benefits of our lashes below.

Brown Eyelash Key Features:

  • Made of high quality and long-lasting Korean PBT fiber
  • Soft, light-weight, natural looking
  • Knot free, no kink and not sticking to neighboring lashes
  • No glue residue left on the lashes
  • Stable curl: Lashes are durable and hold curl over time

Packaging Key Features:

From day one, we have always promised to be a cruelty-free brand.  Not only did we use vegan lash material, but also, we choose eco-friendly packaging without harmful effects on the environment as much as possible.

  • Eco-friendly paper box
  • Silver foil Backing or Coated Paper Label: easy to remove-
  • Sticky glue tape- easy to make fan on strip (all techniques)
  • Label across the strip

Take a close look at our video for more details.

  • Eyelash extensions are the ideal solution to enhancing your lashes without make-up, and brown eyelash extensions are growing in popularity day by day. According to Google Trends, searches for brown lash extensions’ are on an upward trend all around the world.

    So why exactly is this style of lash likely to be so popular in the upcoming months? Let Lillash help you to figure it out!


    What are brown eyelash extensions?

    Brown eyelash extensions are a new and exciting way to draw attention to your eyes and make a statement about your unique qualities. Basically, brown eyelash extensions are almost the same with classic black eyelash extensions, just the fiber is not black. They’re brown but with multiple shades. If you get bored with regular eyelash look and want soothing totally special, you come to the right place!


    How are brown lashes made?

    Basically, brown eyelash extensions are dyed brown in advance with qualified treatment. Each brown lash set is made of synthetic, cruelty-free fibers that maintain a natural and comfortable feel. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting them for your next change.

    Different shades of brown

    Discovering the brown eyelash collection is crucial before going brown. The best color for brown is the shade brown that components your skin tone and eyes while giving you that ravishingly beautiful look. There’re the following shades of brown eyelash every woman can wear.

    Honey Brown eyelash extensions

    Are you in love with warm, graceful and lighter hue that tend to bring out a woman’s natural beauty? Then you come to the right place. Honey brown is a feminine yet laid back color that’s bound to suit every woman .This light brown eyelash color features hints of natural-looking honey throughout, offering the best of rich depth and multi-dimensional lightness. One of the reasons we adore this shade so much is that it goes well with literally any skin type, from light to dark.

    Dark Brown eyelash extensions

    No matter what shade you choose, dark brown is always one of the most classic, rich colors and never goes out of fashion. It is an easy color for most regardless of tones. If you are a fan of brunette, don’t miss out this old but gold eyelash extension

    Chocolate eyelash extensions

    When you have light skin and light eyes, it is safe to go pretty dark as it provides a strong look that still maintains a classic appearance. This classic Chocolate, rich in warmth and glossy chestnut tone as much glorious as you can imagine.

    Cappuccino eyelash extensions

    Cappuccino eyelash extensions look as sweet as the taste of your favorite coffee. It is a harmonious combination of brown and milky shade making it suit every type of ladies without exception. 

    Mixed Brown eyelash extension

    If you’re looking for something one of kind but low-key, you will never get disappointed with mixed brown eyelash extensions. Every lash fiber are arranged randomly on the strip, every time you get eyelash extension, it will never be the same.


    What occasions should you wear Brown eyelash extensions?

    If you are looking for classic but endlessly beautiful for day-to-day wear, brown lashes are the perfect choice for you. Brown eyelash extensions provide you a natural-looking enhancement. They are not quite as dramatic as black eyelashes. However, it doesn’t make it less hot than the others.


    Why should you get brown eyelash extensions?

    Besides being photo-up worthy, Brown lashes can you more than you imagine. Here are some unique benefits of Brown eyelash extensions: 

    Make you stand out of the crowd

    Lash extensions are the ideal solution if you want to make your eyes appear bolder, but sometimes regular extensions don’t go far enough. Brown lashes come from a variety of shades that you can freely choose. For many people, this is more suitable for day-to-day wear, but still makes you stand

    You can achieve makeup that mascara can’t create

    Brown mascara is nothing new, but Brown lashes are the latest craze. You have no control over how much mascara you use. It's applied to a lot of lashes at once, and you can't really pick and choose which ones to leave out. Along with the color, you may pick the desired number of lash strands you want with Brown lashes. You may go all out with a whole set or keep it simple with a few strands here and there.


    Enhance your natural eyelashes

    Apart from the length and volume of lash extensions, sometimes a little more is
    needed to enhance the appearance of your eyes. Brown lashes may brighten and draw attention to your eyes. When you combine a few colorful strands with the normal black, your eyes will pop. However, if you have a brightly Brown eye, such as green, blue, or light brown, a full set of color lashes, such as ombre’, can actually enhance your eye color. Purple lash extensions amplify the brilliance of green eyes while also making brown eyes appear larger. Green lash extensions also draw attention to brown eyes, making them appear more fashionable. The use of blue lash extensions enhances the beauty of blue eyes.

    Matching outfit

    Matching hair color to outfit seems quite familiar, it’s time for choosing your eyelash matching your outfit. Ask about all the different hues in the costume. Pull up some online lash inspiration looks to get inspired. If the costume vibe is in-your-face, applying Brown lashes all over might make sense.


    How long do Brown eyelash extensions last?

    Brown lashes typically has a life expectancy of 4-5 weeks (as long as your natural lash life cycle). It means that when your natural eyelashes fall off, the two-tone lashes will fall off too. It's a natural phenomenon. You will need to book regular refilled appointments to keep your eyelashes set completed.

    Like any investment, eyelash extensions require maintenance too. The more you take care of your eyelash extension, the longer they stay on you. Avoid rubbing or pulling them and oil-based beauty care products on the lashes. Remember to wash them regularly and brush them too to keep them look clean, nice and prevent us from eye infection.


    The final takeaway

    Brown eyelash extensions are definitely a wise choice. Whatever shades you'd like, LiiLash has got you covered. We have more tons of color options for all of your needs, and can customize to achieve your desired look. So, what’re you waiting for? Check out our website to browse more stunning eyelash extension.