When it comes to eyelash extension, there are several customization options available. One of them is playing with colors.

What are single-color eyelash extensions?

Single-color eyelash extensions are a new and exciting way to draw attention to your eyes and make a statement about your unique qualities. Basically, single-color eyelash extensions are almost the same with individual eyelash extensions, just the fiber is not black. They have many colors. If you get bored with regular eyelash look and want soothing totally extraordinary, you come to the right place!


How are they made?

Matching your brows to your new hair color, whether it's a natural-looking brown or a
brilliant blue, is certainly on your mind once you've dyed your hair a new color. But what about your eyelashes? You may wonder if it is possible to apply hair dye on your eyelash. First, let’s be clear. Never use standard hair dye products when dealing with your eyelashes as they contain chemicals like bleach and hydroxide which can lead to severe irritation even blindness or harness to your skin or eyes. If you are looking for a way to create a stunning eyelash look, never be hesitant to use eyelash extensions. Basically, single-color eyelash extensions are dyed in advance with qualified treatment. Each single-color lash set is made of synthetic, cruelty-free fibers that maintain a natural and comfortable feel. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting them for your next change.


What do they look like with different eye color?

We'll give you a few samples as a starting point so you can have a sense of how to combine different colors and, as a result, when to use single-color
lash extensions.

Brown eyes

The vast majority of people in the world have brown eyesaccounting for 79%. Dark brown eyes are most common in Africa, Easter Asia and Southeast Asia while light color eyes are most found in West Asia, America and Europe. If you own brown eyes, consider yourself lucky because brown eyes can handle a variety of makeup as well as single-color eyelash extensions. Let’s take a look at some stunning lashes on brown eyes.

Blue eyes

The second most common eye color is blue. Brown is a terrific color to use to bring out brilliant blue eyes. Deep brown lash extensions are ideal for blue-eyed beauties heading out for a night on the town since thedarker shade of brown you pick, the more contrast you generate.

Green eyes

Green eyes are a rarer color, often considered mysterious. For green-eyed beauties, purple lash extensions are a must-have. Purple sits nearly opposite green on the color wheel, adding in some contrast to really make those peepers pop. If you want to use single-color extensions to really enhance your green eyes, go for a similar shade of green. To bring out the warmth, choose
greens with gold, bronze, or copper undertones.

Hazel eyes

As brown eyes, hazel eyes can be matched with different eyelashes.


What occasions should you wear single-color eyelash extension?

There is no one-size-fit-all concept when it comes to the beauty world. The idea of
freedom in beauty and fashion paves a way for breaking all the limits. You can do anything you want to do with your eyelashes. Single-color eyelash extensions are a great choice for special occasions, concerts, summertime fun, holidays, and more. Choose any color combination and any pattern to create a pleasing impact on your eyes. Match your lashes to your costume and face make-up if you're going to a costume party, because why not? Colorful lashes provide a unique aspect to your style, allowing you to stand out in the crowd. We’ve got all your favorite colors for every holiday or themed special occasion: jewel tones for Easter and springtime; red, gold, and silver for Christmas and New Year’s; pink and purple for Valentine’s Day. Now is the time to style with single-color eyelash extension

If you’re simply looking to take risks, go all out with all single-color lash and no regular extensions. If you’re fine with being the center of attention everywhere you go, this is an amazing option. In the same breath, you can also pick pretty much a rainbow of colors and use them combined with standard lashes (and without is fine too)

Why should you get single-color eyelash extensions?

Besides being photo-up worthy, single-color lashes can do more than you imagine. Here
are some unique benefits of single-color eyelash extensions: 

Lash extensions are the ideal solution if you want to make your eyes appear bolder, but sometimes regular extensions don’t go far enough. Single-color lashes come from a variety of color that you can freely choose. For many people, this is more suitable for day-to-day, but still makes you stand out.

 Single-color mascarais nothing new, but single-color lashes are the latest craze. You have no control over how much mascara you use. It's applied to a lot of lashes at once, and you can't really pick and choose which ones to leave out. Along with the color, you may pick the desired number of lash strands you want with single-color lashes. You may go all out with a whole set or keep it simple with a few strands here and there.

 Apart from the length and volume of lash extensions, sometimes a little more is needed to enhance the appearance of your eyes. Single-color lashes may brighten and draw attention to your eyes.
When you combine a few colorful strands with the normal black, your eyes will pop. However, if you have a brightly single-color eye, such as green, blue, or light brown, a full set of color lashes, such as ombre’, can actually enhance your eye color. Purple lash extensions amplify the brilliance of green eyes while also making brown eyes appear larger. Green lash extensions also draw attention to brown eyes, making them appear more fashionable. The use of blue lash extensions enhances the beauty of blue eyes.

Matching hair color to outfit seems quite familiar, it’s time for choosing your eyelash matching your outfit. Ask about all the different hues in the costume. Pull up some online lash inspiration looks to get inspired. If the costume vibe isin-your-face, applying single-color lashes all over might make sense.

How long do single-color eyelash extensions last?

Single-color lashes typically last as long as standard extensions (as long as your natural lash life cycle). It means that when your natural eyelashes fall off, the single-color lashes will fall off too. It’s a natural phenomenon. You will need to book regular refilled appointments to keep your eyelashes set completed.

Like any investment, eyelash extensions require maintenance too. The more you take care your eyelash extension, the longer they stay on you. Avoid rubbing or pulling them and oil-based beauty care products on the lashes. Remember to wash them regularly and brush them too to keep them look clean, nice and prevent us from eye infection.

The final takeaway

Single-color eyelash extensions are definitely a fun choice. Whatever color you'd like, LiiLash has got you covered. We have tons of color options for all of your needs, and can customize to achieve your desired look.


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